Some thoughts on the form of the original Lunar Lander. Typically a designer can look at any structure and in a few seconds describe to you what is going on with it structurally or as to its form. That was always impossible for me with the actual Lunar Landers. Why not just build a composite cube? It would be simpler, and not “weird” looking. Easy. A cube is not interesting. Cube has been done before. Lets explore something new. The lunar lander is not only an interesting configuration, but an homage to a time when people did new things. Innovators were prized, not feared. And more, the actual Apollo astronauts trained some 25 miles from where this project is to be sited.
What happened to the courage to innovate? Back in the early 60s Grant County had courage. A county with what, 20,000 people, 30,000 built two hydro dams. Instead of “no, we don’t do that kind of thing here”, it was, “lets do it”. And they did. Where did that courage go?